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Hello and welcome my name is Shafina Akhtar, I am the founder of Blackstone Masterclasses.

Sooo where do I begin…

I am an optometrist, Helping people and working in a scientific field bring me great joy : ) I love all things science!

I am a home schooling mother of 4 beautiful children!

Age ranges 8 to 2. Two girls & two boys so pretty even stevens. 🙏


When I`m not buried under a pile of books.

I am a scout leader at my local scouts group. We are called New Horizons 3rd Huddersfield North, We run weekly sessions and have great fun whilst also learning. Currently we are doing virtual sessions hoping to get back face to face in February 🙏

Teaching the scout cubs and beavers life skills is a real passion of mine. There is so much variety! We teach life skills, the typical bear grylls kind of stuff. Tent pitching,  fire lighting, hiking,  axe throwing, rock climbing, wood carving & backward cooking. The sessions are packed full of other adventures including baking, arts crafts and lot of other fun things!

I`m also a professional baker. I love baking, I really zone in to another world. I`ve had the honour of doing lots of wedding cakes. Check out my cakes and let me know what you think : )

I spent my life thinking I had a "science brain" and that I wasn`t creative, I still can`t draw to save my life. My kids are way better than me at art. Like my 5 year olds stick person is seriously way better than mine lol!

Somehow I kind of fell in to baking 🥰my 6 yr old girl is hooked on baking too!

So what am I doing online you may ask, after all my schedule is already jam packed.

A few weeks ago I was sat drinking tea with my husband, I was multitasking like usual and listening into a live self-help session on Facebook. I`m a self-confessed learning addict, I have learnt so much on my journey as a home schooling mother of four children.


My husband made a point of why I wasn`t sharing my skills and knowledge.

I should help other people who went through what we went through.

Our online resource Blackstone Masterclasses  was born! #Blackstonemasterclasses #homeschooling masterclass


I`m so excited and so proud of it, this has been a real labour of love.

So what is it that Blackstone Masterclasses offer ?

We are an online hub offering parent information, guidance and free resources on teaching, educating as well as self-help and lifestyle hacks. There is a lot of great information packed into the website.

We also offer paid Masterclasses with our first one the homeschooling masterclass covering everything you will need to know in respect to setting up or improving on your current home school. This masterclass is also an excellent resource for parents who are looking to give their children some extra help at home with their studies. Within the masterclass we cover; the pros and cons and the fears and worries that can hold you back, De-schooling and a give you a practical way to do this, A practical guide on how to run your living space efficiently, A step by step guide to planning your year, How to achieve academic success, Advice on behavioural management & a module on development psychology.

As well as all the above the masterclass comes with loads of free resources, task sheets an busy bags !

Dr Akram my husband and my brother Mr Ali a lecturer at university and a secondary school teacher contribute to the course with their own modules, A huge Thank you to them both 😊

At only £30.00 for lifelong access and a bumper 85% discount on meaning you will only pay £15.00 on a £99.00 annual subscription!

The lectures come pre-recorded and are delivered through our facebook page meaning you can watch them at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home. We are even bundling in our quarterly Live Q&A session with all three presenters, you really do not want to miss this amazing opportunity

Blackstone Masterclasses is an online resource, providing advice and courses on self-improvement, education and teaching. We are delighted to announce the release of our home schooling masterclass, an excellent resource for all your home educating needs.



Author Mrs Shafina Akhtar Bsc Hons optometry Bsc medical biology

Founder Blackstone Masterclasses

Lifestyle & Education Mentor


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