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The Best Ways To Teach PE When Homeschooling

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Homeschooling can be a really great teaching and learning experience for parent and child but organising physical education (PE) which has some form of organised sport and fitness in it, can be tricky. Continue reading to find out what we suggest doing to incorporate PE in your homeschooling curriculum.

Covering all aspects of a curriculum can be hard when you choose to homeschool your child, with some subjects seeming too niche or difficult to cover. Many parents tell us that PE is an area they find incredibly tricky because it requires physical input that can be difficult to for them to plan for. Have a read of our some quick fixes so that you can provide a good physical education when you teach your child from home.

Enjoy The Daily Mile

There has been research that says children who run or jog for around 15 minutes every day go on to lead healthier lives. The Daily Mile initiative is prevalent in primary schools who work towards adding this into the school day. If you homeschool then covering your version of a Daily Mile is a great step toward PE sessions. Running, jogging, or walking all count and provide your child with exercise and a break from computer screens and exercise books.

Try Multi-Sports Days

One of the biggest concerns we hear about is how homeschooling parents are not able to allow their child to try out new and exciting sports because of the cost and time implications that come with it. One way to combat this and improve your PE teaching is to attend multi-sports days at your local leisure centre. These events are popular and give children the chance to get a taster of many different sports, allowing them to find out about what interests them so that you can pursue this with them. There are lots of disability sports days too so that all children can get involved.

Interest Them With Obstacles

PE is not just about running, ball games and hockey! Children are also taught how to navigate the space they are in and find solutions to problems that they meet. A great way to do this at home is to create your own obstacle courses that require the child to use different muscle groups in each section. Your children will love navigating their way through the house, and you can even create a themed obstacle course to match the topic you are currently teaching them.

Enrol Your Children In Sports Lessons

If you feel that, despite your best efforts, you cannot meet your children's PE needs, then why not enrol them in some local sports lessons. Tennis, football, hockey and swimming are all popular choices and give you a bit of time to sit back and watch your children enjoy the activity.

PE does not need to be complicated, and there is no requirement for you to provide cross-country runs or bleep tests. Ultimately, PE at home should be something that helps you to teach your children the value of taking care of and understanding their body.

When you enroll on the Black Stone Masterclass course, we will take you through how to be the best at homeschooling as well as sharing tips and tricks to make subjects like PE a breeze.

Author; Shafina Akhtar BSc Optometry BSc Medical biology

I am a qualified Optometrist and full time home schooling mama, I`ve been blessed with four young children. I contribute as a Leader to our local Scouts club on the weekends . I enjoy Baking, Fundraising and taking the little ones on outdoor adventures. I am an avid educator and have a real passion for all things homeschooling.

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