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New Year New Successes?

With January around the corner, I am sure you will have noticed the same pattern year in year out of everyone making new years resolutions. Every year you will see the gyms bursting at the seams yet come February its back to just the regulars … What happens to all our carefully laid out plans for change?

Can you relate to this? Are you full or energy filled with good intentions and plans? Only to find by February you’ve once again fallen on your shield.

Promising next year you will do better.

What is going wrong ?

A New years resolution should be unique to you!

Look at your own routine, your own day, your weaknesses and your strengths. Be honest with yourself. Sit down with a trusted other and ask them, but be open to any feedback they give.

Change is a step by step process, Each step should be completed and firm before moving on to the next step.


Think of your change as a pyramid, with the apex of the pyramid being your final goal.

Let us take weight loss as an example.

The base of your pyramid has the highest number of bricks and therefore is the most time consuming and most difficult. Once completed though it will be the most solid step in your pyramid. It will act as that all important fail safe and safety net, shielding you from complete failure.

Each step you take closer to your apex contains progressively less and less bricks and this is exactly what your journey to change will be like.

Think of the bricks you are laying down as small changes you have to make on your way to success.

Your first step consists of tackling negativity, changing your mindset, looking at your day to identifying a routine so you can implement an exercise plan and putting together a diet plan. You will struggle through the sugar lows and building your mindset and attitude. What I`m trying to say is that the first step is all the difficult and long lasting changes you are going to have to make.

As you can see there is a lot to put in place for the first step of your pyramid.

However once this step is laid, Now you are simply tweaking. Each step becomes easier and easier as you continue to tweak.

For instance you have meal prep plan for the week, all you now have to do is adjust the macronutrients.

Another example is that regular physical exercise has already been scheduled into your week as part of your first step/foundation of your pyramid. Your next step will now consist of smaller changes such as walking longer or adding kettle bells to your foundation routine.

These smaller tweaks are your second and third steps in your pyramid.

Make sure come February 2021, your news years resolutions are looking like a gleaming pyramid built on a solid foundation rather than a sorry looking pile of rubble. This is your year for change make sure you own it.

I hope this short article helps set you us for a successful new years resolution and that you do visit us at to learn more.

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Author Mrs Shafina Akhtar Bsc Hons optometry Bsc medical biology

Founder Blackstone Masterclasses

Lifestyle & Education Mentor

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