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The Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose To Homeschool

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Has the thought of homeschooling crossed your mind but you want to find out more about what it entails and if it really is for you/ your child? Here we share the main reasons that people choose this form of education.

Here at Black Stone Masterclasses, one of the things we are repeatedly asked about is why people choose to teach their children at home. There is still a stigma surrounding homeschooling and not sending a child into mainstream education, but in reality, parents make this choice because they genuinely feel it is in their child's best interest. Take a look at the main three reasons parents give when it comes to choosing a homeschool education.

To Put a Stop To a Negative Educational Environment

Sadly, school is not always a happy environment for all children and pupils can struggle to make friends or deal with negative incidents. Many parents work hard to resolve these issues with schools but occasionally regardless of what is done, the parent feels that the education system no longer successfully supports their child. By homeschooling, parents are better placed to support their child's emotional and mental wellbeing needs and work towards a personalised and appropriate resolution for the child, whether they have been the victim or the perpetrator of negative behaviours.

To Better Meet Their Child’s Learning Needs

Another reason that parents often choose to educate their child at home is that the child may have a learning need or disability ands they do not have access to the right level of support. Schools work hard to meet the needs of their pupils, but many parents find that this can be lacking when it comes to understanding a specific diagnosis or need. Choosing to teach your child at home allows you to provide a personalised learning experience and a curriculum that works for them, enhancing their chances at success.

To Ensure Better Educational Outcomes

Whether we like it or not, state schools are not always equipped to help children achieve their full potential. Having a large class of children means less one to one focus, and if your child is quiet and does not cause a fuss or demand attention, then you may find they are coasting along rather than getting what they need out of school. The opportunity to teach them at home means that you control the pace and the complexity of work that the child completes, allowing them to reach their potential in a timescale that works for all.

Whether you are considering homeschooling for one of the reasons mentioned above or for a completely different reason, it is good to explore all of your options before you jump in. You can have a look at a dedicated teacher site to get an idea of curriculum planning or speak to other homeschooling parents for ideas, inspiration, or to discuss the practicalities of homeschooling.

Blackstone Masterclasses is an online resource, providing advice and courses on self-improvement, education and teaching. We are delighted to announce the release of our home schooling masterclass, an excellent resource for all your home educating needs.

Author Mrs Shafina Akhtar Bsc Hons optometry Bsc medical biology

Founder Blackstone Masterclasses

Lifestyle & Education Mentor

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