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Essential Equipment You Need When Teaching From Home

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The equipment and resources available for homeschoolers are aplenty but narrowing it down to the essentials and not getting carried away with homeschooling purchases can be a challenge! Check out our list of must-haves before you start.

Homeschooling can be very exciting, especially when you realise that you are going to support your child to get the best education as you teach them from home. However, all homeschoolers need access to a range of equipment to enhance their teaching and learning experiences, to avoid finding themselves at a disadvantage. If you are keen to purchase the equipment, you should definitely take a look at our list of essentials so that you do not end up purchasing more than you need!

Basic Supplies

The first thing on any list should be basic supplies. This includes pens, pencils, colours, paints, paper, exercise books and other stationery items that will allow your child to create work that they are proud of. Most of these supplies can be readily found in local supermarkets and budget stationary stores. Look out for multipacks and offers because you are going to get through a large volume of these basic supplies!


With so many great educational resources now available online, it makes sense that you will need access to some form of tech to support you when you teach your child. Some of the most essential tech that you should start thinking about including as part of your homeschooling equipment collection art :

● A computer/laptop or tablet

● A colour printer

● A camera

● A decent pair of headphones

● Educational software

● Home internet

When you consider that lots of students work online and access lessons online, then you will recognise the significance of being able to tap into these resources. Plus, tech is a great way to help your child stay in touch with their peers when they are unable to see them face to face daily.

Desk and Chair

It may seem obvious, but you will need to find a suitable place to sit and a suitable chair to sit on for your child, something which will support their growing frames and provide them with a comfortable and large enough space to work freely. You can opt for a desk with storage if you want to keep all of their homeschool things in one place or have a couple of different workstations in the house to allow them the ability to change their environment when they are feeling bored or tired.

Access To A Library and Games

Our final suggestion is that you also make sure that you have a collection of different educational games that you can play with your child to break up activities and get them excited about learning. It would help if you also considered up to date information through an online or physical library. By getting a library membership, you can save lots of money on buying books and give your child the chance to read a vast variety of genres.

It is also important to remember that even when you have all the basics in place, there will always be more that you could buy. When you join our Blackstone Masterclasses course, you will get to network with other parents Who are in the same situation who can provide you with tips and tricks to help you find the equipment you need without breaking the bank.

Contact us today to enrol on our homeschooling course and learn more about your role as a home educator. We cannot wait to support you on this journey.

Blackstone Masterclasses is an online resource, providing advice and courses on self-improvement, education and teaching. We are delighted to announce the release of our home schooling masterclass, an excellent resource for all your home educating needs.

Author Mrs Shafina Akhtar Bsc Hons optometry Bsc medical biology

Founder Blackstone Masterclasses

Lifestyle & Education Mentor

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