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How To Manage Your Housework When Teaching From Home

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

If you homeschool your children, finding time to get the housework done can be a nightmare! Try our handy tips and get your house sorted today.

Keeping a clean house is something that many of us feel the pressure of! Choosing to teach your children at home means that things in the home are constantly in use, and you may feel like you are in a never-ending cycle of cleaning and tidying. To help, we have come up with some ideas that you can implement to get on top of tidying today!

Share the Jobs

One of the quickest ways to manage housework is to share the load. You should never put yourself in the position where you are trying to juggle everything without any support. Sit down with everyone in the household and agree on a fair way to share out the jobs so that everything can get done without you having to do it all yourself. The younger your children, the more you will need to differentiate what tasks you give them; it is a great way to start teaching responsibility from a young age.

Make Housework Part Of a Daily Family Routine

Once you have shared out the jobs, the next step is to integrate them into your daily routine. Many homeschooling families choose to get the chores done every evening so that when they wake up in the morning, they can crack on with their homeschooling learning straight after breakfast. Other families tie in chores first thing in the morning when everyone is energetic and ready to go. No matter what time works best for you, make a plan, share it with your family and then stick to it!

Reduce the Number Of Cleaning Products You Use

One really simple tip when it comes to reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning is to streamline the products you use. Having to change products depending on the room you are in is a waste of time when there are excellent multi-purpose cleaners available. Find a product that can be used to dust surfaces as well as clean kitchens and bathrooms so that you can whizz right through your list without needing to swap things around!

Don’t Expect Perfection and be kind to yourself

If you love to maintain a spotless home, then trying to juggle everything in order to maintain this can become overwhelming. Remind yourself that everything does not need to be perfect at all times, and some days the bare minimum of tidying will produces an excellent result! The great thing about housework is that it is always going to be there for you even when others may not be!

Go easy on yourself and manage your expectations carefully, you are educating your child full-time, and for that, you should be commended. It will help to take some time out to organise your day and prioritise tasks. Being a homeschooling parent is hard work and people that love you will understand if you haven't managed to spring clean before they visit! For more handy hints, head over to Blackstone Masterclasses and get the support, advice and training, you need to turn your homeschool dreams into a functional reality!

Blackstone Masterclasses is an online resource, providing advice and courses on self-improvement, education and teaching. We are delighted to announce the release of our home schooling masterclass, an excellent resource for all your home educating needs.

Author Mrs Shafina Akhtar Bsc Hons optometry Bsc medical biology

Founder Blackstone Masterclasses

Lifestyle & Education Mentor

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